How can we know if the original manuscripts of the Bible have been accurately transmitted to us? One method for determining the reliability of any ancient manuscript is to note the total number and the agreement between the various copies. There are over 24,000 ancient manuscripts containing various portions of the New Testament. Except for extremely minor variations, these copies agree word for word. No other ancient document even begins to approach such massive authentication. By comparison, the Iliad by Homer has the second highest number of surviving manuscript copies–totaling only 643! No one doubts the authenticity or accuracy of the Iliad; yet the Bible with far more evidence in its favor, is under constant attack. One wonders, why the hostility?

God said in the Bible that His Word would never pass away. HIs Word has far more supporting evidence than any other book in history. God gives us overwhelming evidence (which archaeology continues to verify) that Scripture has been accurately maintained, reproduced, and passed down through the ages. Only the Bible can make this claim.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, July 21.

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