Healing is a remarkable process. There is intelligent design involved in both the order and the steps which our bodies use to repair wounds and the advanced biochemistry needed to make those steps happen. The process of healing a wound proceeds as follows:

1. As soon as you cut yourself, the bleeding must be stopped. While the scab is forming over the surface of the wound, the blood below is making a completely different kind of clot out of blood platelets and protein.

2. Once the bleeding has stopped, your body increases the flow of blood enriched with white blood cells. These cells not only search out and kill germs, but clean the wound of damaged cellular tissues.

3. Skin cells start to increase the rate at which they make new cells in order to bridge the cut with new skin.

4. Underneath this new skin, cells called fibroblasts fill the wound to strengthen the tender new tissue, and then contract to pull the wound closed.

5. Finally, blood vessels and nerves complete their repairs as the fibroblasts position themselves along the lines of stress to prevent future damage.

The human body is an incredible engineering marvel!

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, August 19.

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