For years it was thought that sunlight provided the energy for all forms of life. We have recently found other forms of life living at widely separated locations on the dark ocean floor which use only chemical and thermal energy. For one energy-conversion system to evolve into another would be like changing a home's heating system from gas to electricity by thousands of random accidents that happened slowly, one accident each year. The occupants would risk freezing each winter. Survival on the ocean floor without solar energy-a totally unexplained capability-would need to have evolved at different times in different oceans.

Many other giant leaps must have happened for life to exist. Here are just a few of the numerous unexplained problems:

-How did the incredibly complex process of photosynthesis (changing sunlight into usable energy within a cell) develop?

-How did warm-blooded animals change into cold-blooded animals?

-How did floating marine plants (such as plankton) change into rooted vascular plants?

How did egg-laying animals change into animals which bear live young?

-How did land mammals change into sea mammals?

-How could insect metamorphosis have developed?

These problems are unsolvable for evolution because an all-powerful Creator made all of life, not random evolutionary processes such as mutations.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, August 20.

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