God created our bodies with features suited for their required functions. By starting with this truth it becomes apparent that back problems are the result of poorly maintained muscles or abuse–rather than inadequate design. The curve of our lumbar (lower) spine is toward the front–the opposite of apes. This is thought by evolutionists to be the result of mankind adapting to upright posture. Yet this forward curvature serves a beautiful purpose. Like the arch of a bridge, it adds strength, allowing a person to lift more weight (proportionally) than an ape with its opposite spine. The vertebrae of the human spine also increase in size toward the bottom. Four-legged animals have uniform-sized bones all along their spinal column. If we evolved from four-legged creatures, why are our spinal columns designed so differently?

There is much we can learn from the design of the human spine. Mankind has only recently learned to produce strong yet lightweight building structures by sandwiching foam materials between solid plates. Yet the bones of the spinal column have been “foam-filled” with canceleous bone (an open, latticed, or porous structure) surrounded by harder cortical bone. Our spinal bones are also designed like radial-ply tires, with each disc having radial-ply fibers. This construction makes a healthy disc stronger than solid bone.

When one examines the way the human body is formed and how it works, one can't help but be in awe of the Master Designer. It's like looking at a beautiful painting and seeing the artist's signature.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, August 29.

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