In the early 1800s it was noticed that certain fossils are usually preserved in sedimentary rock layers that lie above other types of fossils. After the theory of evolution was proposed, it was concluded that the upper organisms must have evolved after the lower organisms. Next, geologic ages were associated with layers containing certain extinct “index fossils.” Those ages were extended to similar animals and plants based on the assumption that evolution is a fact. Fossil animals found in the same layers were assumed to have evolved about the same time. These early geologists did not realize that there were alternative explanations for how these fossils or rocks formed.

Noah's Flood also explains the general tendency for sea creatures to be found in the lowest rock layers and more “complex” land animals to be found in higher layers. Even on a worldwide scale it is reasonable to expect that marine animals would be buried first, followed by amphibians, with land mammals last due to their mobility and environment. Evolutionists simply interpret the data incorrectly because they deny the reality of the worldwide Flood.

Geological formations are almost always dated by their fossil content–which, as stated above, assumes evolution. Yet, evolution is supposedly shown by the sequence of fossils. This circular reasoning does not prove evolution, but shows the poor logic and faulty reasoning inherent in evolution.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, August 30.

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