It is not uncommon for students to complete 12 years of schooling without being exposed to any of the evidence for creation. Thus, many adults are either totally opposed to creation or consider the subject completely irrelevant. Yet there are thousands of well-documented books, videos, and periodicals available on the evidence for creation. Why are more people not being exposed to this evidence? Primarily because there is a strong form of censorship on this issue.

Libraries seldom carry technical books dealing with the scientific evidence for creation, because these books are not on the approved library resource lists. A recent survey of the Midland, MI, public library revealed over 200 books on cosmic, chemical, and biological evolution but only two books on intelligent design. Not a single technical volume was available showing the evidence for a worldwide flood or young earth.

Most public schools do not deal with the evidence, because they do not want the controversy. It is a common practice in school systems to discourage discussion on controversial subjects such as abortion, homosexuality, and evolution. Even in debate class, when the students can choose the topics, the creation/evolution discussion is often taboo.

Given this supression of the evidence for creation, is it any surprise that the subject is considered irrelevant to so many people? It is not a lack of evidence supporting creation which prevents it being accepted, but a subtle form of censorship which keeps most people from seeing the evidence.

Bruce Malone in A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, August 31.

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