Our liver, which averages a mere three pounds, is the largest organ inside the human body. This amazing chemical processing facility performs at least 500 known functions within our bodies. It is such a complicated chemical factory that biochemists have not even remotely approached developing a machine of any size which accomplishes even a fraction of the same functions.

The liver stores vitamins, detoxifies poisons, stabilizes the body's blood sugar level, builds enzymes, and more. The liver filters enough blood in a single year to fill 23 milk trucks. The liver also plays an important role in our digestive process. Digestion could not take place without the interrelated functions of our liver, mouth, tongue, intestines, stomach, and pancreas. If these organs are not all working in perfect concert, we will have major (and potentially fatal) problems.

Observing how all of our body parts work together in such harmony should lead everyone to conclude that mankind was intelligently fashioned by a supreme mind–our Creator God.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, December 13.

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