Many great scientists have challenged the billion-year claims of the evolutionary time scale. One is Lord Kelvin, the scientist whose brilliant thermodynamic analysis gave us the absolute temperature scale that bears his name. Kelvin's numerous papers and scientific research pointed out many errors of the long-age concepts held by uniformitarian geologists of his day. Kelvin rejected the ancient timetable of Earth history, not because of its contradiction to the Bible, but because of its conflict with physics.

Kelvin's studies dealt with both the high temperature of the earth's core and the slowing of the earth's rate of rotation as evidence for a young earth. He calculated that if the earth had been around for over five billion years, its initial rate of rotation would have been at least twice its present rate (the days being only 12 hours long). This increased rotational speed would have increased the centrifugal force four times, causing the ancient earth to bulge much greater than is presently found at the equator. There is no physical evidence that the earth's rotational speed was ever this fast.

Lord Kelvin strongly opposed evolutionary presuppositions of an extremely old earth using science to justify his belief in a young earth. No one has ever been able to contradict his physics.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, December 12.

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