Charles Darwin knew that the fossil record did not support his theory of evolution. >In his book Origin of the Species Darwin noted that there was an obvious and serious problem with the lack of transitional fossils. He recognized that fossils of animals and plants are fully developed in fossil – bearing rocks. However, both he and early evolutionists expressed optimism that the fossil links between very different types of animals would be found. Yet over 160 years later, after extensive searching, not one undisputable transition between any major animal form has ever been found!

Darwin also admitted he could not explain the serious problem of how highly evolved animals could be found in the lowest rock layers. Evolutionists assume that the lowest layers are millions of years older than higher layers. Therefore, they should contain very simple forms of life. There are many exceptions to this expectation. For example, very highly developed animals, such as trilobites, are found fully formed in these layers.

In light of what is now known about flood geology, it is reasonable to believe the majority of the fossil record was created by the catastrophic action of the shifting and changing Earth during the great Flood of Noah's time. The lowest rock layers are not millions of years older, they are just the first ones laid down during this Flood.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, December 11.

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