Even the very smallest bones of our feet testify to specific design by incredible intelligence. One-fourth of all our body's bones are in the feet. Our feet have been ingeniously designed to perform the functions of many modern machines:

1. They support a relatively large weight on a very small surface area by the use of arches. This is comparable to the design used in bridges.

2. They operate as levers which pivot at the ankle so that we can perform such tasks as pressing the accelerator of a car.

3. They act as a vertical lift when we elevate onto our tiptoes.

4. They act as a catapult when we jump.

5. They act to cushion our legs when we run.

All of these features are extremely helpful–especially in view of the fact that the average person walks about 65,000 miles in his/her lifetime. This is equivalent to walking around the world more than two and one half times.

Anyone doubting the existence of his Creator need look no further than his own feet.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, December 24

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