The thousands of members in an ant colony do not run short of supplies, even though there is no apparent central organization. Why don't some ants get fat, while other ants starve? Modern science is learning how the ant's astonishing system works. By giving radioactively tagged sugar water to worker ants, scientists discovered that within a week every member of the colony had an equal amount of the radioactive water. The sugar water that the worker ants injested was shared with nest mates and delivered to the developing young. The water was also used to soak the ground to keep the chamber's humidity high.

Food is also collected and returned to the colony to be shared with every member of the colony, most often by regurgitation. Through continuous food sharing, every member of the colony always has an equal amount of food.

It is difficult to believe this highly organized system of sharing both food and water evolved by chance. A better explanation is the intricate, detailed planning of the Creator.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, December 21.

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