Human hair is actually a complex functioning feature, not just a simple cosmetic addition to our bodies. Not only does hair provide warmth and enhanced appearance, but it has multiple design functions to enhance life. For instance hair is an integral part of the body's protection system. Eyelashes protect our eyes by triggering them to almost instantly and involuntarily close when dust strikes the lashes. Body hair serves as tiny levers. Each hair is connected to a muscle which squeezes oil from adjacent glands that keep our skin from drying out. Hair even acts as a filter for particulates caught in the nose and ears.

Hair is also “programmed” to grow to specific lengths and thicknesses in various places on the body. Eyelashes, for example, do not grow as long or thick as scalp hair. They grow to a certain length, fall out, and are replaced by new hair. Who planned it this way? Clearly, one can see evidence of design in both the function and placement of even the simple hairs on our bodies.

Evolution does not explain where the complex programming to create even a single hair came from. Human hair is not a leftover skin covering from our “ape ancestry.”

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, January 7.

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