We are repeatedly told that dinosaurs died out around 60 million years ago. Yet there have been many reports of dinosaur bones which have been dated quite young. Carbon-14 (C14) analysis of dinosaur bones reveals that they can contain measurable amounts of C14. This is impossible if the bones are over 60 million years old but makes perfect sense from a biblical perspective. The C14 concentration for organisms alive before Noah's Flood would have been greatly reduced compared to modern levels, but C14 should still be present in small amounts. This is exactly what we find and does not indicate a great age but a recent burial by a worldwide flood.

According to the March 1992 ABR Newsletter, Hugh Miller of Columbus, Ohio had four dinosaur bone samples carbon dated at a university laboratory. Each of the bones were “dated” at an age of under 20,000 years. These bones were not identified as dinosaur bones because the labs would not agree to test the bones which their evolutionary presumptions tell them could not contain any C14. Yet the same level of C14 found in the bones of a more “recent” creature would be assumed to be correct.

In an even more amazing discovery, both DNA fragments and unfossilized red blood cells have been found within dinosaur bones. Neither of these fragile organic molecules could exist after millions of years. Yet it is quite reasonable to expect to find such fragments to remain if they were buried during Noah's Flood-less than 5,000 years ago.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, January 8.

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