There are over 300 distinct prophecies in the Old Testament that were literally fulfilled by Jesus Christ. These prophecies, given hundreds of years before Christ was born, were very specific and could not be fulfilled by any other man in history. The prophecies include the time, place, and manner of Christ's birth, including specifics about His ministry and geneology. Also predicted were details about His miracles, His trial, His death, His resurrection, and the events after His resurrection. The probability of all of these prophecies being fulfilled by any other person is an absolute impossibility.

These predictions concerning the life of Jesus Christ were recorded in the sacred books of the Jewish people-now commonly known as the “Old Testament.” Copies of these ancient documents, identical to the modern texts, were buried hundreds of years before the birth of Christ. They were found sealed in clay jars near the Dead Sea in Israel. These “Dead Sea Scrolls” and other manuscripts recorded specific details about Jesus long before they actually occurred. Only a Creator God who is outside of time could have inspired these hundreds of specific details to be written down prior to their fulfillment.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, January 9.

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