Archaeological discoveries show that ancient man was both highly intelligent and skilled. strong>In France fifty years ago, the Lascaux Cave paintings that are thousands of years old were discovered. Researchers have found scaffolding and stone lamps used to light the work area. They have also discovered the original palettes used by the artists with dried paint intact. This has allowed researchers to study the pigments used by the ancinet artists. Using scanning electron microscopes and other high-tech equipment, researchers learned that the artists collected local minerals to make their paints. Within 15 kilometers from the cave, mineral deposits were found which were able to provide the full range of colors.

These ancient artists had the technology necessary for obtaining the minerals, grinding them into fine powders, and mixing them to create pigments that hold their color and beauty to this day. Evolutionary thinking has led many to assume that just because man lived in caves, he was primitive [as portrayed in the Geico commercials of today]. The actual evidence indicates otherwise.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, March 25.

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