Scientists have known for a long time that moths communicate with each other using hormones called pheromones. A female moth who is ready to mate releases a scent (pheromone) into the air which is picked up by the male. It has been discovered that the pheromone is not released randomly, but in a series of pulses at a frequency of at least one pulse per second. The pheromone can be propelled for up to a meter from the female moth. This is like a human blowing out a candle from 60 feet away. Researchers have also discovered that the male is not only drawn to the female by the scent of the pheromone, but also by the pattern in which the chemical is sent. The male's antennae receive and then send the signal to its brain with the same frequency as the female's pulses. The scent itself acts as a carrier for a Morse Code-like message!

The more we study creation, the more we find that even the smallest details of creation reveal amazing complexities which point to a Master Designer.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, March 26.

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