The perfection of God's design can be seen when we study our planet. The earth's distance from the sun is exactly right for maintaining the delicate balance of the earth's temperature. If the average temperature of the earth were raised only two or three degrees, the ice sheets and glaciers would melt, putting London and New York under 200 feet of water.

The size of the earth is also crucial. If it were too small, the earth's weakened gravitational field could hold neither air nor water. If the earth were twice as large, the atmosphere would be pulled closer to the surface and everything would weigh eight times more. Even the total volume of gas in our atmosphere is critical. If the air were thinner, it would not provide adequate protection from the 20,000 or so meteorites that rush toward the earth daily. With thinner air the earth's temperature would also drop, making life impossible. The 23.5 degree tilt of the earth's axis is perfect for enabling us to have our seasons and double the amount of arable (crop-growing) land on our planet.

Which is the more logical belief:
1. The precise balance of conditions necessary to maintain life upon earth just happened by chance.
2. An intelligent designer (God) created this planet with the perfect conditions to sustain life.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, June 5.

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