Evolutionary scientists believe that matter spewed from exploding stars was used to form planets. They teach that the solar system and the sun formed from this great cloud of compacting gas. Yet they have no undisputed explanation for why Mars, Earth, Venus, and Mercury do not have the same high percentage of hydrogen and helium as our sun and the rest of the visible universe. Less than 1% of these planets are composed of hydrogen and helium.

How could this be, given the current prevalent theory that our solar system is the result of a condensing cloud of hydrogen gas? How could 99.86% of the mass within our solar sytem (our sun) be made of hydrogen and helium, while the four planets closest to the sun are composed almost entirely of heavier elements?

Something is seriously wrong with the theroy of solar system evolution, which is being taught to our children as if it were a fact.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, July 24.

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