In Ezekiel 26:3-21, specific predictions were made against the city of Tyre. The prophecy stated that this city would be destroyed as many nations came against it. It was predicted that Tyre would be made bare as the top of a flat rock and that fishermen would spread their nets over the site. The walls and towers would be destroyed, the debris would be scraped clean, and Tyre would be left barren. This very specific prediction was made at the height of Tyre's power and importance.

Three years after the prophecy was given, Nebuchadnezzar laid a 13-year siege on mainland Tyre. When he finally entered the city, he found that most of the people had moved to an island 1/2 mile off the coast. They had fortified a city on this island with powerful walls reaching to the very edge of the sea. Over 200 years later, Alexander the Great laid seige to the island city of Tyre. Since he had no fleet, he demolished the old city of Tyre, cast the debris into the sea, and built a 200 foot wide causeway out to the island. By doing this, Alexander was able to move his army across the land bridge and destroy the island city. Today both the original city and the island city are bare rocks where fishermen can be seen drying their nets. The accuracy of biblical prophecy is undeniable evidence for the Bible's authenticity.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, July 23.

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