Sheep, cattle, and deer chew their cud by regurgitating partially digested vegetable matter and regrinding it with their molars before swallowing it a second time. The hare does not do this. Why then, ask Bible critics, does the Bible call the hare a “cud-chewing animal” (Deuteronomy 14:7)?

It has been discovered that the hare does indeed re-eat and re-digest its food. The answer was found within one of the two types of pellets which the hare passes. One pellet is large, dry, hard, has little food value, and is eliminated as waste. The second pellet is soft and encased in a moist membrane. This pellet is also passed from the hare's body, but is not permitted to touch the ground. Instead, the animal reaches underneath with its mouth and swallows this pellet–a process called reingestion. The reprocessed pellet provides nourishment and aids digestion by providing lactic acid, potassium, sodium, and phosphorus. This reinjestion allows the hare to extract and to utilize nutrients missed the first time.

The discovery of this unique ability points to a Master Designer and once again proves the Bible totally accurate.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, July 29.

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