Genesis 3:15 tells us that a female, like the male, also has the “seed of life” or a necessary part of making of a baby. This wasn't believed in Moses' day when it was told to Moses by God. Ancient writers believed only the male had the seed of life and that the female was just the incubator of the baby. One ancient writer, Democritus, even suggested that male semen placed in warm mud would result in a human life in the same way sperm deposited within a female can result in a baby.

These writers were wrong, while Genesis proved to be correct. Today we know that it takes the 23 chromosomes found in the female egg (seed) plus the 23 chromosomes found in the male sperm (seed) to make a normal human. How could Moses have known this without God's divine guidance?

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, March 9.

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