Biblical Christianity is absolutely unique because of the nature of its founder, Jesus Christ. Jesus is unique in all of history and literature as seen by this partial list of attributes:

1. More than 300 specific prophecies of His first coming were written hundreds of years prior to His birth. Each was fulfilled with 100% accuracy.
2. The virgin birth stands as unique throughout history.
3. His repeated claim of divine-human nature was like no others. He was Creator, Sustainer, and Sacrifice for all. Christ alone claimed to be both fully man and fully God. His miracles were never denied by those who witnessed them.
4. His sinless life was attested to by His closest friends, worst enemies, the apostles, and Christ Himself.
5. He both predicted, arranged, and instituted His death in a way that could not have been anything but voluntary. (John 10:18)
6. His resurrection was the final and greatest proof of His absolute uniqueness and can be documented in both biblical and secular history.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, October 12.

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