Birds of the heron family accumulate a thin layer of oily slime on their feathers. To clean this condition, they have three patches of feathers that break down into a powder that works like talcum powder. The birds apply the powder to their feathers to absorb slime. Afterwards it is combed out of the feathers using a comb-shaped toe designed for this purpose. The birds then waterproof their feathers by applying oil from a specially designed and located oil gland.

In addition to this remarkable feather-cleaning process, many birds have an amazing method for applying a pesticide to get rid of parasites. Hundreds of species of birds will sit motionless near ant hills and allow ants to crawl over them, releasing formic acid. This acid drives mites and most other pests off of the birds.

Is it reasonable to believe that these complex and interdependent systems of hygiene could have evolved? Even in our fallen world filled with pests and parasites, God has provided mechanisms for protection.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, November 16.

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