Proteins have been called the building blocks of life, because every living cell contains a large percentage of large, complex molecules. Proteins are made by combining a very precise sequence of 20 different kinds of amino acids similar to stringing different color beads onto a necklace. Since 1930 it has been known that amino acids cannot react to form proteins in the presence of oxygen. In other words, proteins could not have evolved by chance chemical reactions if oxygen had been present in the atmosphere.

The chemistry of the earth's rocks, both on land and below ancient seas, show that the earth had oxygen before the earliest fossils of living cells formed. Even earlier, oxygen would have been present by a continuous process whereby solar radiation breaks water vapor into oxygen and hydrogen. The hydrogen could have escaped into outer space, but the oxygen would have remained in our atmosphere. Therefore, from the moment the earth had an atmosphere, it must have had oxygen. It is chemically impossible for even the building blocks of life (proteins) to have developed on Earth. This is an enormous “elephant in the living room” problem for evolution which is simply ignored.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, November 15.

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