Evolution is presented in school textbooks as if it were a proven fact with no problems and no controversy surrounding it. As a result, many students are left with the impression that evolution cannot be questioned or debated. Honest science would reveal the enormous problems surrounding the theory of evolution and challenge young minds to look for answers to these problems. For instance:

 – If one type of animal slowly and step by step turned into a completely different type of animal, where are the enormous number of transitional fossils as one animal changed into another?

 – How could random changes add information to the DNA molecule? There is no other branch of science where it is assumed that random changes could add useful information to a system.

 – Why do nine out of ten possible ways to date the earth yield results much younger that the “accepted” date? Why aren't these methods and the problems with radiometric dating shared with students?

 – Why did highly advanced civilizations suddenly appear all over the planet approximately 4,500 years ago?

If these and many other unsolved mysteries were honestly presented to students, they would be challenged to look at all of the evidence and see that there is still much to discover and contribute in finding solutions.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, November 14.

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