The turkey vulture has incredibly farsignted vision capable of seeing dead or dying objects several miles beyond what the human eye can detect. Yet it is designed with dull, weak talons and a thin beak, forcing it to eek out an existence eating rotting flesh or decaying vegetables. Since the vulture eats the remains of animals that have died of disease, it has a digestive tract designed to destroy deadly bacteria (including anthrax!). The turkey vulture also has the ability to sanitize itself and its surroundings using a special disinfectant found in its own excrement. The same chemicals which kill the deadly bacteria in its stomach continue to kill the germs outside its body!

Because the vulture's head is usually covered in blood, pieces of rotten flesh, and bacteria, it is especially vulnerable to disease, Therefore, this particular bird was created without feathers from the neck up. As the turkey vulture stands in the sun, the ultraviolet radiation kills any remaining bacteria.

By removing the carcasses of decaying animals, the turkey vulture serves an important purpose of limiting  the spread of disease and preventing potential epidemics among both man and beast. One wonders how the turkey vulture could have evolved all of these specialized characteristics. The creation solution is that they were created with the original vulture-type bird. The survival characteristics needed for our fallen world were either given after the Fall or developed from originally created abilities.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, October 6.

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