Hermit crabs are constantly on the lookout for a new home. Sometimes they will try on a new shell, return to their old one, and then try on the new shell again, just to see which one suits them best. Amazingly, God gave hermit crabs the ability to sense the calcium content in shells, because shells with the highest calcium content are the strongest. Research shows that a hermit crab will always favor a correctly fitting shell with the highest calcium content.

The ability to sense calcium involves many complicated organic reactions, sensors, internal communication systems, and instincts (to interpret for the crab what its sensors are saying). All of these processes would need to be operational before the first hermit crab could have sensed calcium. It is not possible that they could have evolved independently, nor is it conceivable they could have “just appeared” all at once.

The logical alternative is to acknowledge that the hermit crab was created fully functional, with all of its unique abilities and instincts. God know exactly what the hermit crab would need.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, May 2.

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