Animals communicate with each other using a wide variety of methods. It has long been recognized that bees use an intricate dance which conveys the direction and distance to food sources. It has recently been discovered that bees also communicate using scents. Beehives are full of scents, yet honeybees are constantly alert to bees who are not members of the hive. Invaders to a hive are killed if they do not have exactly the same scent as the rest of the hive.

Entomologists (scientists that study insects) have discovered that all members of an individual hive learn to produce exactly the same chemical password. Amazingly, all honeybees use a specific combination of only two chemicals to make the scent distinctive to their hive. Bees from each hive can instantly tell whether a bee carries that hive's specific chemical password. When bees start a new hive, they develop a new distinctive chemical password!

This complex method of defence, possibly created within the bees after the Fall, is strong evidence of a wise and powerful Creator.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, June 23.

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