Even in the simplest of things, such as snow, the character of God is revealed.

Snow forms from water within clouds as the water vapor condenses on small particles of dust, pollen, salts, or even bacteria. Thus, each snowfall serves to clear our atmosphere of contaminants. Every individual snowflake is unique and different–forming a starlike, six-pointed crystal at perfect 60 degree angles. See how many different starlike patterns you can develop–you are likely to exhaust your creativity after 100. Yet it is estimated that an ordinary snowstorm contains 1,000 billion uniquely individual flakes.

Snow works as an important insulator by trapping air between the individual insulating flakes. Eskimos must frequently rebuild their igloos when the snow compacts, loses its air space, and turns to ice. The insulating characteristic of snow protects plants and roots from freezing in winter. Snow also adds nitrogen to the soil and waters farmland in the spring, producing a promise of improved crops.

Is it reasonable to look at the combined beauty and usefulness of snow and believe it “just happened that way”? In snow God reveals His infinite wisdom and His profound sense of beauty–to those who acknowledge Him as Creator.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, June 22.

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