The rattlesnake has been marvelously designed to have pits under its eyes that serve as a second pair of eyes.

“Researchers have learned that there is a membrane stretched over the back of each pit, a thousandth of an inch thick, which is crammed with sensors which pick up the infrared radiation or heat, given off by all warm-blooded creatures. These sensors are hooked up to a second vision center in the brain so that the rattlesnake can see the image of its warm-blooded victim even in complete darkness.”

A snake has also been designed with a sense organ in the roof of its mouth. When is flicks out its tongue, it is actually smelling by picking up scent molecules from the air and rubbing these molecules on this sense organ. The snake's uniquely designed sense of smell can only point to the Master Designer.

After the Fall, God provided for the snake's survival by designing methods by which it could find food which would otherwise be invisible to it.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, August 14.

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