It has been said that the human brain is the most complex structure in the universe. g>During intense concentration, your brain can burn as many calories as your muscles use during exercise. Intense thinking can be as physically exhausting as a physical workout. More than 100,000 chemical reactions per second can occur within your brain.

Our brains act as far more than a motor control center or place to capture memories. Along with these functions, the brain also acts as a chemical factory. Our brains produce over 50 different drugs needed to control our body, emotions, and thoughts. Some of these chemicals affect memory, others intelligence, while still others are sedatives. For example, endorphin, the brains's painkiller, is three times more potent than morphine. Sertonin is produced by the brain to moderate our moods. Dopamine seems to affect how talkative and excitable people become. Another hormone regulates hunger.

The brain is also a radio transmitter, sending out measurable electromagnetic signals. In fact, the brain has been shown to continue sending these signals for as long as 37 hours after death!

We only understand a small part of how the brain operates. Yet our growing knowledge of the brain is sufficient to conclude that the design of this incredible organ is no accident.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, August 13.

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