Scientists have found that schools of the colorful reef fish called wrasse sometimes have no male fish present. At just the right moment, a fully grown adult male suddenly appears. Ocean biologists wondered where these male fish came from. To their amazement, it was discovered that when there is a shortage of males, one of the females turns into a fully functional male!

Leaving aside the incredibly complex physical and biological mechanisms required to make this transformation, it takes astounding faith to believe that a school of female wrasse could have evolved the mental ability to recognize a shortage of males, decide that a sex change was necessary, and then select which female was to become a male. The physiological ability to change into the opposite sex on demand is in itself an evolutionary impossibility.

God placed incredible creatures such as the wrasse on the earth for our enjoyment and amazement. It also leaves mankind without excuse for believing in their Creator.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, September 13.

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