The common seed would hardly cause one to take any special notice. But within that tiny case lies the miraculous power to perpetuate life itself. A single kernal of corn can produce hundreds of seeds within a few months. A dot-sized poppy seed can make thousands like itself in one summer. Every plant is programmed to produce its own special seed.

Scientists can analyze and take apart the many chemical compounds within a seed, but no scientist has ever been able to produce a synthetic seed. This is because even the “simplest” seed is entirely too complex for mankind to reproduce. Every seed is produced only by an amazing process of sexual union determined by the special construction of the parent plants.

Most seeds appear to be pieces of dead organic matter. Yet even wheat seeds sealed inside of Egyptian tombs for 4,000 years bring forth new life when planted and watered.

Seeds are truly marvels of God's design.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, October 27.

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