There are important reasons for Christians to study the factual evidence supporting the Bible and Christianity.

1. It will confirm and solidify your faith.
2. It will prepare you to speak more knowledgeably and effectively to people that have been influenced by the attitudes of skepticism and unbelief.
3. It will equip you to maintain a clear and unwavering stand on the full integrity of God and His Word under all circumstances.
4. It will encourage you to know that God is in complete control and that you can trust Him 100%.

What was God's response when Job repeatedly asked the age-old question, “Why am I suffering?” He proceeded to give Job a lengthy creation lesson as assurance that Job could trust God and His purposes. When we truly understand that God is our Creator, has control over our circumstances, and His Word is trustworthy and verifiable, we no longer have to despair, even when circumstances seem hopeless.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, April 1. 

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