When Adam and Eve sinned, biological life was changed causing weeds and thorns to appear on Earth for the first time. Both plant and animal life were changed with defensive and offensive survival mechanisms. For many years modern agriculture has relied on herbicides and insecticides to protect crops from pests. God's marvelous foresight included many natural ways of controlling pests, which modern science has only recently learned to copy. The spined soldier bug (also known as the stink bug) is one of these natural pest control systems. It eats over a hundred different pests, including commercially damaging insects such as the cotton bollworm and the gypsy moth. Researchers have found that spraying crops with a natural chemical made by the stink bug attracks stink bugs to the fields. The stink bugs then devour the harmful insects without harming the crops. The added bonus is a natural solution which doesn't harm the environment or other creatures.

God told Adam and Eve in the beginning that they were to have dominion over all creation. This word in Hebrew means “to understand, care for, and control.” We have much to gain when we realize that all of creation is a designed system from which we can learn.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, March 4.

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