There are several thousand species of wasps that help control crop pests by using them for food. These wasps are a popular form of pest control among farmers and gardeners. Biologists have found that the wasps do more than just eat the pests. The wasps also wage an incredibly complicated form of biological warfare.

Wasps inject their eggs directly into wormlike pest larvae. These eggs are coated with a virus that keeps the larvae from maturing until the young wasps hatch. The virus then seems to move to the larva's liverlike organ and affects the insect's immune system. The virus also acts on the larva's endocrine system to take away its appetite. As a result, the larva destroys less crop, and being starved for food, does not develop into an adult. This gives the wasp eggs more time to develop into young wasps, who will then finish off the pests.

God created this earth with careful balance. Unfortunately this balance was upset by man's actions in the Garden of Eden. The world we now live in groans with the pain of sin–resulting in warfare at all levels of the plant and animal kingdom. Yet God still designed and maintains a balance in the fallen creation. When mankind takes the time to study this finely balanced and intricately designed world, he can't help but see God's hand everywhere he looks.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, June 25.

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