The belief that mutations could slowly change one type of animal into a completely different type of animal is analogous to believing that you could change a black-and-white television into a color television by randomly changing parts. The random addition of parts will definitely produce change; but they will never produce an improved television, a color television, or a television that is slowly being transformed into some other useful device. Even if the correct color television parts were randomly placed into the television, the complexity required to change the television into some other useful device would not allow it to happen. It would become a nonfunctioning piece of junk long before it could have evolved into a more complex piece of machinery. Mutations cause a loss of information and do not explain where the information present within every living organism originated. This is a fact of science, regardless of how many parts are added without an overall plan.

Evolution relies on billions of years to explain the transformation of life. But even if zillions of parts are randomly added to trillions of televisions for billions of years, not a single improved television will result. In the same way, mutations will produce changes, but they will never enable one type of creature to turn into a completely different type. For that to happen useful information would have to be added to the DNA of the creature. This simply does not happen as a result of random mutations.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, January 18.

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