One of the most common questions asked of biologists is the origin of races. This question produces confusion concerning the origin of mankind. If humans evolved from apes, should not some humans be closer to their apelike ancestors than others? If so, why not consider them “less human”? This logical conclusion of evolutionary thinking led directly to historical atrocities such as Hitler's elimination of the Jews and the genocide of Australian aboriginies. Historical statements such as the following 2/24/1924 New York Tribune description of aboriginies reveal the evolutionary-driven prejudice of the day:

“They appear to be a race totally incapable of civilization…these people are from a lower order of the human race.”

In contrast, the Bible states that all people have equal dignity, because all mankind descended from a single pair of humans. Gregor Mendel, a Christian monk and the father of modern genetics, proved that the genetic variability of different characteristics (such as skin color and body shape) was present in the very first human created. Skin color, eye color, etc. are not indications of our evolutionary past but are inherited characteristics from our parents. The only reason “white” people have “white” babies is that generations of light-skinned people married each other and the genes producing more melanin (dark skin pigments) became recessive or lost. The Bible stated that ALL people are of one blood long before science proved it. (Acts 17:26)

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, January 19.

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