It is commonly assumed that the wide variety of life on Earth proves that evolution has taken place. Darwin proposed that small changes, similar to what is possible by selective breeding, can be extended to produce completely different kinds of creatures. Selective breeding, which has produced our many dog varieties, is quite common.

Within every type of living organism, wide variation is possible and many varieties may be developed. An example is the one million varieties of rice that have been developed. The information needed to create this wide variety of rice was already present in the rice DNA at the moment of creation. Selective breeding can definitely produce the wide variety and diversity we find in such plants as rice. However, a limit is always reached-rice stays rice and reptiles never turn into birds. This is true, regardless of how much time passes. With time, creatures actually degenerate by birth defects rather than turning into new types of creatures.

There is no observable scientific evidence to support the idea that evolution of completely different types of creatures can take place. The science of genetics wasn't formally introduced until the early 1900s. Since then intensive breeding experiments have failed to show how even one kind of animal could ever change into another kind of animal.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, February 2.

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