If the sun were closer, we would burn up; if farther away, we would freeze</strong>. If our atmosphere was thinner, the meteors that now harmlessly burn up would constantly bombard us. If the moon was not precisely its current size and distance, the ocean tides would flood the land twice a day. If the continental shelf was smaller, the oceans would be deeper near shore. This would lower the oxygen level in the atmosphere making life much more difficult.

A study of the ecological processes in nature (water, oxygen balance, seasons, day/night cycles, etc.) show that they must be maintained in delicate balance or Earth would just be another lifeless planet. The forces, speeds, and distances that hold our planets within our solar system, galaxy, and universe are all in delicate balance. The mechanisms that cause our bodies to function and reproduce are all finely tuned. The very constants that hold atoms together and keep the universe from flying apart or imploding are all in perfect balance. These are just a few examples which point to God's perfect “maintenance plan.” These and thousands of other variables seem to be held in precise balance to make both the earth and our universe a perfect habitat for human life. It is totally outside the realm of reason to assume that all of these perfectly balanced systems just happened by chance.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, February 3.

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