Prothrombin is a chemical in our body which is absolutely critical for blood clotting. Without it, we would bleed to death with even the smallest cut. Vitamin K is vital for the production of prothrombin by the liver. Therefore, both vitamin K and prothrombin are necessary for life. Newborn boys begin production of vitamin K on day five through day seven after birth. On the eighth day, a newborn male child reaches his lifetime maximum level of prothrombin. Therefore, on the eighth day after birth, a male baby has the highest clotting rate of any time in his life. If a male baby is going to be circumcised, the eighth day after birth would be the safest day for this to take place.

Isn't it interesting that over 4,000 years ago God told Abarham to have newborn males circumcised on the eighth day! Before God told Abraham to undergo this procedure, there was no trial-and-error testing to find the best day on which to circumcise a baby. Only our Creator could have known this biological fact and have made sure that it was included in the Bible.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, February 4.

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