Most students assume that because a theory is taught in textbooks-especially theories as widely believed as quantum physics, special relativity, or the big bang-it must be true. Yet how many people understand how these concepts explain reality or the many unsolved problems with each theory? If we are perfectly honest with ourselves, we really don't even understand what an atom is, so how can we state that we know where, when, and how the atom was created?

A fascinating model of the atom has been developed by David Bergman which attempts to explain the observable properties of the electron, proton, and neutron based purely on Maxwell and Faraday's equations for moving charges. According to this Electric Theory of Mass (ETM), all energy and matter can be explained in terms of circular rings of the moving positive and negative charges. This theory claims to accurately model the dual particle/wave properties of electrons; the stability, spin, and mass of elements and subatomic components; and the mechanisms of covalent and ionic bonding.

The implications of this model are staggering. If it is correct, then everything physical is an electromagnetic field created by moving positive and negative charges. In essence, physical reality may not even be made out of tangible matter at all. This presents several interesting questions-who created the moving charges, what is a “charge”, and why are they in constant motion? Perhaps our physical world is really just an electromagnetic field simulating solid objects. But who is maintaining the simulation?

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, February 5.

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