For many years biblical critics have doubted the existence of writing before the time of Moses. This is one of the reasons given for not believing that Moses wrote the first few books of the Bible. These critics teach that the original books of the Bible were written much later and just attributed to Moses.

Archaeologists, however, have unearthed an ancient library in the city of Ur. This library contains thousands of stone “books.” Ur of Chaldees was Abraham's home before he moved to Canaan, and some of these stone books were written even before Abraham's day. These books consist of both scholarly subjects and books that an ordinary tradesman would read. This was at least 4,000 years ago and a full 1,000 years before Moses was born.

If the common man on the street of 4,000 years ago could read and write, why should we doubt that a highly educated man like Moses could have compiled the accounts from Adam to Abraham into the first book of the Bible? Jesus Christ accepted and confirmed that Moses wrote the first books of the Bible. To believe otherwise is to doubt what we find in archaeology, the authority of the Bible, and Jesus Himself.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, February 6.

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