All efficient machines have control systems to regulate their operation. The human body also has control systems. For example, the endrocrine system is one type of control center that uses chemical stimulation. It puts more than 100 different chemicals (called hormones) directly into the blood stream to trigger specific bodily activities. Humans could not survive without this system.

Even more complex is the fact that the endocrine system must coexist with the circulatory and nervous systems. Each chemical hormone is so specialized that it transmits its message to only certain target cells that have special receptors capable of recognizing the specific chemical. The hormone molecules have a specific shape that only allows them to attach to other molecules with a corresponding shape, much like a lock and a key. The hormones have no effect anywhere else in the body.

Hormones are basically coded messages sent out at the right time, to the right place, and in the right amounts to regulate the functions of our body. Common sense tells us that all messages require an intelligent originator. How does evolution explain the programmed messages used by our hormonal system?

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, February 7.

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