If life is the result of random-chance processes, then so are our very thoughts. Therefore our thoughts-including what you are thinking right now-would merely be the consequence of a long series of accidents. In other words, your thoughts would have no connection with reality-including the thought that life is a result of chance natural processes-because they would be random occurrences resulting from random processes. In a very real sense, evolution undercuts the very basis for all human understanding, because it destroys the basis for believing that truth could exist.

The concept of evolution even undercuts the mechanisms proposed for evolution. It has been said that humans use only a small fraction of their mental abilities. If this is the case, how could our unused abilities have evolved in the first place? Certainly not by natural selection. Natural selection will only select an existing characteristic or ability which has some use. If unused mental ability is not used, it can never be selected for an advantage. Evolution teaches that any capabilities which are not used by a creature will waste away and become lost over time. The idea that natural selection is supposedly driving evolution upward is an illogical concept that contradicts the observation from the world around us.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, February 8.

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