Mendel's laws of genetics (with slight modern-day refinements) explain the physical variations observed in living things. Mendel's law shows that there is no problem explaining how the great variations in skin, hair, eye color, facial structure, and body size within the human family could have developed beginning from just one man and one woman. Mendel discovered that a gene (unit of heredity) is merely reshuffled from one generation to another. It is a proven fact that reproduction produces different combinations of genes, never different genes.

Evolution requires new and useful genes, but such new information is not created by random recombinations of information within existing genes. This has never been observed by scientific experimentation. Different gene combinations produce the many variations within each “kind” of life (such as the wide variation within the dog “kind”), but a new class of animal has never been produced. It is a fact of science, demonstrated by Gregory Mendel's experiments, that there are limits to such variation.

Breeding experiments and common observations confirm these boundaries. In the book of Genesis God said that He created all life to reproduce after its own kind. Once again, science has proven the Bible to be absolutely correct.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, October 19.

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