Louis Pasteur was a dedicated Christian and brilliant scientist, yet if he lived today he would probably be an outcast in the scientific community for refusing to accept the theories of Charles Darwin. During Pasteur's lifetime, most biologists said that life arose from nonliving material. Pasteur believed that life was created by God. In spite of the opposition that Louis Pasteur received from colleagues, he conducted careful experiments showing life could only come from life. He effectively refuted the claim that life could come from nonliving chemicals. His research also showed that fermentation was caused by tiny yeast cells. This led him to discover that many diseases were caused by living organisms too small to see. As a result of his scientific work, Louis Pasteur not only proved the claims of spontaneous generation of life to be false, but developed vaccines to fight diseases like rabies, diptheria, and anthrax in the process.

Pasteur once commented that the more he learned in science, the simpler his faith in the plain words of the Holy Scripture became. There is no contradiction between the belief in a supernatural Creator and science.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, April 22.

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