Biological immune systems can recognize bacteria, viruses, and toxins that invade the body. Each system can quickly mobilize just the right type of defenders to search and destroy these invaders. Each system also has a memory that learns from every attack so that the defense is quicker and more effective the next time.

If the extensive instructions that direct the immune system of a plant or animal were not already programmed into the organism's genetic system when the organism first appeared on the earth, any infection would have quickly destroyed the organism. This would have nullified any genetic changes that might have accumulated. The genetic information governing the immune system could not have accumulated in a slow evolutionary way.

Immune systems became critical for survival after the Fall, when sin and death changed the order of things. Yet the very existence of these systems testifies to a mastermind Designer. How could the immune system of animals and plants have evolved? This very basic question still has no answer.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, August 11.

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