There are only two possible explanations for life:

1. Evolution–which states that life has evolved from simple forms of plants and animals into the more complex forms we find today.

2. Creation–which states that God created the entire universe and all of the creatures on Earth fully formed and completely functional.

Paleontologists have found a greater variety of creatures in the fossil record than now exist, including soft-bodied creatures such as worms and jellyfish. However, even in the lowest rock layers, these worms and jelly fish are fully formed and easily categorized into the same kinds of animals alive today.

If evolution is the correct explanation, then there should be thousands of intermediate forms as one type of creature slowly turned into another type. If creation is true, then the classifications of distinctly different types if animals, both living and in the fossil record, should remain essentially the same.

The fossil evidence clearly supports creation. True science progresses when all of the evidence is prestented.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, July 5.

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