Sedimentary rock covers almost three-quarters of the earth's surface, including the tops of most mountains. Sedimentary rock forms as sediments (such as sand, silica, and other minerals) settle out of water to later solidify into rock layers. If this sedimentation happens rapidly, as occurs during a flood, organisms can become trapped and later fossilized in the rock layers. These sediments were eroded from previous locations, transported, and then deposited. If a worldwide flood has occurred on the earth, it is not at all surprising that geologists would find fossilized shells and sea creatures all over the earth, including at the tops of the highest mountains. Fossilized sea shells have indeed been found at the very top of Mt. Everest.

This evidence fits perfectly with the description of the worldwide Flood described in the Bible. Geology based on evolutionary assumptions is simply wrong as it makes illogical assumptions in order to account for the worldwide appearance and extent of these sedimentary rock layers without a worldwide Flood.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, March 21.

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